About Us

A Design & Web Marketing Agency in Stockport, with a difference.

We are a group of professional freelancers who specialise in various disciplines of design and web marketing. Formed in 2012, we have dealt with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to large multi-million pound businesses. From ecommerce to one-man-bands (literally!). 

On this page, you can find out more about our strong business-focussed approach and the people you could be working with. Our services are respected, our people are loved, our results are incredible.

Our Story

What Makes Us Tick?  Dispelling the Myths of Web Marketing 

Have you been on Facebook or LinkedIn and seen these videos of these web gurus who say something like “Stop everything you are doing – THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO BE DOING?” You have? Annoying isn’t it! 

But these guys know something. They know that businesses have fixated on finding “the thing” that will unlock their web riches. And they play on this. 

At evolve Web Consultants, we have come to understand that the businesses who do the best out of web marketing have the same things in common. 

  • A great understanding of their clientbase and their needs
  • Great products and services that are competitively priced
  • The right processes in place to handle growth
  • Good profit margins
  • A willingness to get stuck in and help us with the information we need.

So when we take a client on, not only are we focussing on design and web marketing, we will help you understand from a business perspective what your opportunities are – and how best to handle it.


Meet The Team



“Ste” is the guy who can do websites and web marketing, but perhaps most crucially, will find the ways in which you can grow your business through the web. He will spot the opportunities that are out there.

Phil Cuthbert

Head Designer

Phil is design. His every thought and every sentence seems to have some element of design about it. He lives and breathes design. He is also a fully qualified drone pilot – which is ace!


Social Guy

Sam is super-intelligent and one of the most switched on guys out there. He doesn’t pull any punches either. His social media campaigns are about growth and winning. He would be a huge asset to any business. 



Yup, it’s true. We do offer pay-on-results web marketing services. You have to meet our criteria for it, but one of our biggest selling points is you can pay for our web marketing work based on how well it does. Find out more by clicking the button!

FREE Consultation 

All our initial consultations are free. It’s your chance to tell us what you want to achieve and how your business works. It’s then our job to find out how we can do that. Find out more by dropping us a line.

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