About Us

Meet the people and the philosophy behind evolve Web Consultants.

Our Core Values.



Everything we do is focussed on winning business as expediently as possible for our clients. 



Our business model is built on client retention. To succeed there has to be trust and good faith on all sides.



We don’t rest on our laurels, if something comes up that we believe will help you, we’ll tell you. 



We believe in being open about the work we do, why we do it and what you can reasonably expect. 



We make ourselves available 24/7 if needs be – ensuring you have support when you need it. 



We believe in making our costing as fair as possible for the amount of work needed to bring you results.

Spotting Opportunities Others Are Missing 

Most businesses tend to want to target the obvious things on the web. As web consultants our role is to manage your expectations and chase the business – not try and sell you sunshine and lollipops and fluffy unicorns.  

Dedicated to Focussing on Business Growth.

The only things we love more than web design and marketing is growing businesses. Knowing that we have helped so many businesses grow exponentially through our work is why we do this. 

It’s A Meeting Of Minds!

To get great results we need your help. The more you give us to work with – the more we can achieve. You’re experts in your field, we are in ours. Both sides need to give for this to work.

Our People

Our team is a small, focussed, friendly of experts in our field and of generating business. 

Steven Woods

Steven Woods

Founder & Web Guy

“Ste” has nearly 20 years of internet sales and web marketing experience. The go-to SEO and web design guy, Ste is friendly and injects probably more humour and honesty into proceedings than you may be used to.

Ste is a father to his young son and also plays bass for the band Purple Heart Parade.

Phil Cuthbert

Phil Cuthbert

Design Guy

Phil is Mr. Branding. His incredible talent for all things design ranges from stunning branding concepts to 3d animation. Phil has designed everything from new logos to a new kitchen!

Phil lives with his wife and two teenage children. Also a musician, Phil is also a qualified drone pilot!

Sam Bugajski

Sam Bugajski

Social Guy

Sam is the youngest of the group and so his fascination with Social Media extends into his services. His no-nonsense approach helps set him apart from many people you will meet providing Social Media support.

Sam is young, free and single and also a musician (!!!) who plays alongside Ste in Purple Heart Parade.

Let's Work Together!

Whatever your budget, whatever your business is looking to get more from the web, we want to hear from you.

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