What is GDPR? And Why Does Your Business Need To be Aware of it? 

I’ve read quite a few articles regarding GDPR and asking “is your business ready for GDPR?“. The problem here though is that it affects every business who handle data – so it is important both awareness of GDPR is raised, and the implications of not complying are laid out too. 

Firstly, GDPR is stands forthe General Data Protection Regulation. In essence, we all understand that Data is a precious commodity in the business world, both for the business, but for the consumer too. 

The current restrictions on how data is used is subject to some regulation. However, the implemtation of GDPR has been passed by the EU with the intention of strengthening and unifiying the use of the data of all citizens in the EU – and the exporting of that data outside the EU. The ultimate aim is to give more control back to the individual over the data that is held about them. 

As a result, GDPR is a set of regulations that attempt to clearly define (as clearly as these things can be) what should and shouldn’t be done with regards to an individuals data.  This obvioulsly impacts on business acrosss a wide number of areas – however, the reason why your business needs to be aware of it is that ALL businesses handle some form of data at some level. If you do not conform to these regulations then your business can be liable to huge (HUGE) fines once enforcement comes in on 25th May 2018.

What You Need To Know About GDPR

Now, I am not here to go through the full ins and outs of GDPR. If you really want to do that, you can read more about it on this website

You also need to know that I am not a lawyer! This article is purely to make you aware that this is coming in. It will affect businesses on a business-to-business basis and it will affect different aspects of your business.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE YOUR BUSINESS IS FULLY GDPR COMPLIANT.  So make sure you read up on it. 

Because data collection comes under the remit of GDPR, your website will almost certainly require looking at. Again, every business website will be different and require different aspects looking at. The main things that will apply to GDPR involving a website include; 

  1. Contact forms which collect details
  2. You email customers special offers whether using software like MailChimp or not. 
  3. eCommerce online shopping facitlity with shopping cart
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Cookies Policy
  6. You use Google Analytics on your website
  7. Any other web traffic or monitoring software
  8. Use third party sales plug-ins like HUBSPOT etc…
  9. Whether you need an SSL certificate or not
  10. People submitting comments on your website.

I am in the process of working on this for us, but I am also informing all customers about GDPR and how it will impact on them. If you have concerns or would like to find out how GDPR will impact on your WEBSITE (remember, other aspects of your business, I wouldn’t help you with) – then I will happily give you a free report advising on what you will need to look at.

You can then either do the work yourself, or if you want us to do that work, then we will price it up for you. 

Feel to call 07969 333344 or contact us with your details. 

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