Are you – or have people told you they have been – getting this error message when trying to access your website from Facebook on an Android Phone? 

Facebook Error Message

If you are, then whilst it looks extremely daunting, it’s actually quite simple to resolve. 

What To Do

The reason for it is that Android phones will only serve websites using https:// (secured protocol). So, if you have updated your website to https – but if you have forgotten to make your website https in your Facebook business profile – when people click on the link to your website from your Facebook page using an Android Phone it will come up with this error message. 

To fix, simply go into your Facebook business page “settings” then go to update your page info.


page info

page info

And where it says “website” make sure it says https at the start of your website address and not http. (I have added the ‘s’ here already). 

Once you add the ‘s’, save it and then people will be able to access your website on Android Phones once again. 

If you have haven’t updated your website to https yet on the actual website itself (tut tut) then get in touch and we can help you with this.