Audience Analytics

Make sense of the opportunities online with a whole host of audience analytics. We can help you put the numbers into your web performance.  

Why Web Analytics Are Important.

Let’s be honest. We all know why web analytics are important. They – rather obviously – tell us how various aspects of digital marketing efforts are performing. And yet, so many businesses haven’t the time, nor the inclination to really get down to the nitty gritty of their online performance. 

That is where we come in. Our consultants are on-hand to sift through the figures and help you understand where you are performing well, where your development areas are, where you are wasting your time – and whatever else we can glean from a myriad of analytical tools. 

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How We Can Help You Understand Your Web Performance. Audience Analytics Expertise.

Website Traffic

If you think you should be getting more from your website, there are tools which can help. 

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Using tools like Google Analytics, Search Console and Heat-mapping software we can start to build a picture of where your website traffic comes from. 

The information available is truly astonishing. It includes (but by no means is fully covered by); 

  • How website traffic arrives on your website
  • What pages it visits
  • What content it looks at
  • How long the traffic stays on your website
  • Where the traffic clicks
  • Recordings of how people use your website (with sensitive data sensored). 
  • Keywords and Phrases used to find your website
  • Location of website traffic
  • Web content that links to your website
  • How Social Media brings traffic to your website
  • How website traffic reacts to the different devices it views your website on. 
  • ….and much, much, more. 

We can set these tools up for you in your website. If you use them already we can analyse your data and compile analysis and strategy reports from the information we find. 

Finger On The Pulse

As web trends are always evolving (pardon the name check) we are on hand to advise of new niches.

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It isn’t just how your website performs that is important – how the web is performing and how the public are using the web really does matter. 

We spend a lot of our time reading up on new trends and new ideas to implement into our client’s strategy and content. Without doing this, there is a real risk of falling behind competitors.

Social Media Insight

For businesses, Social Media can be time-consuming, so if people aren’t engaging it can be demoralising. 

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We use social media insights to understand how your social media content is performing by looking at engagement trends. 

Each social media platform provides its own insights and so looking across multiple platforms can muddy the waters. We will make sure you get a clear picture of what is effective and what you can afford to leave behind. 


Client Feedback

Using survey software we can compile reports which gauge a better perspective on how well you are doing.

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Sometimes the best way to understand how your business performs online is to ask the people who experience it first hand. 

We can help compile surveys which can be used across Digital Marketing platforms to help ask the questions you might not want to hear the answers to (but which you definitely should!).


If you feel you are missing out then you probably are. Book a FREE consultation for upto 2 hours.

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