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Mobile Apps are offering creating new dimensions for businesses. As app development becomes more affordable, it is becoming an increasingly viable option for businesses. 

Understand The Potential of Business Mobile Apps.

Mobile Apps a real value-added asset to many businesses. At the moment though, not many businesses have a “mobile app”. The reasons for this tends to be due to a lack of understanding as to what they can provide, or – the most common objection – cost, or “perceived” cost. 

The facts are though that 69% of digital media time is spent on mobile devices, and mobile apps account for 80% of the mobile minutes used every day.

People’s use of the web is changing, and Apps are a huge part of that because they are quick, easy to access and Millenials (18-34 year olds) spend upto 3 hours a day on Apps. This is only likely to increase across the demographic in the short-term at least. So the time to get on the App Gravy-Train could be now.

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How Can Mobile App Development Help Your Business? Some of the Options.

Sales Tool

Having an app that sells products can be easier to navigate than a website. 

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Because of the speed, simplicity and structuring of mobile apps, selling products through apps can be a much more user-enriched service than through a mobile website. 

If you sell products that require repeat purchasing – having a mobile app should be a serious, SERIOUS consideration. 


Organisational Tool

Companies are starting to use mobile apps for organisational processes – such as HR departments.

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For many organisations, being able to easily communicate and help organise is crucial. That is why many companies are turning to Mobile Apps to help organise their staff.

Apps are being used by staff for booking holidays, tracking travel, logging expenses, sharing information, and other administrative tasks.

Schools and colleges are also using apps to help their pupils be more organised.  

Personal Development Apps

Offering clients a way on monitoring their own personal development is a powerful tool. 

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Health apps are probably the best example of these – which is certainly an option if you are a personal trainer or a gym. 

Other examples though include personal finance management, sports performance apps and tuition apps. 

Membership App

Creating a membership app can increase member retention, off more value and increase revenues.

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Whether you are a sports club, a gym, a networking group or a crafts group – having an app can provide your members with a fabulous way of communicating and staying organised. 

Another huge advantage is that member retention is proven to be higher when membership renewals can be sorted through Apps. 

Booking Apps

Apps where users can book appointments, tickets or reservations are often easier for users than websites.

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Booking apps are pretty common – especially for flights, holidays etc… 

However, booking apps can also be used for tickets for gigs, the theatre as well as the opportunity to promote up-coming events and a personalised experience for your users. 

Enhance Customer Service

Offering clients personalised access to you and your products or services 24/7 keeps them closer to you.

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Examples of these types of apps are places like large Chains of stores like Costa Coffee, who promote in-store offers along with functionality to monitor things like “points”. 

Banks / Financial Institutions also offer great apps which now means alot of banking can take place on the go. 

Even Taxi Firms are using apps so customers can book a taxi, but also track where the taxi is en route – making it easier for the client to be ready. 


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