What’s all the fuss about “App Development?”

When we talk about “App Development” we are talking specifically about mobile (smart phone) apps. 

You probably don’t need us to tell you how popular mobile use is in the UK. There is a significant chance you are reading this on a mobile device. The most popular use for mobile devices is of course it’s apps. 

There are 2 types of mobile apps – iPhone Apps – (iOS) and Android Apps. Our app development services cover both.

The technology behind creating Apps is relatively new – and rapidly evolving (pardon the pun). That is why when you speak to our App Development Specialists, we drill down into details about your business and what your needs are – making sure your App gives you real value. 

Why not book a consultation to find out more about our App Development Services and how we could help your business?

Ways in which an App could enrich your business.

Here are some of the ways a mobile app can help your business. 


Sell Products

Having an app that sells your products can be a lot easier to navigate than an eCommerce website. 

Keep Existing Customers Close

Having an app for your staff to use can help manage holidays and staffing issues. 

Excellent HR Tool

Providing your clients with a mobile app encourages them to carry on buying your products an using your services. 


Enhance Customer Support

Mobile Apps are fantastic for making announcements and updating clients. 

Ideal For Memberships/Organisations

For large organisations – social groups, sports clubs – even schools, Apps are sophisticated tools for organisation.

Steam-line Processes - Save Money!

Mobile Apps have been proven to save time and money on lots of internal – and external processes. Find out more…

Getting In Touch

My name is Cein McGill and I look after App Development. My contact number is ; 07856 272981  or if you have any questions, you can message me direct using the form on this page. 

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Feel free to ask us any questions you wish – in relation to mobile apps of course! We are dying to hear what ideas you have!!!

We like to help wherever we can and be as transparent as possible to help you get as clearer picture as possible – so if you need to meet up, we can facilitate that – or we can speak over the phone / email if you prefer. 

Thanks for your time – I look forward to hearing from you. 

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