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I keep umming and arring as to whether or not to run a blog. Ut’s very difficult, because by rights, I should practise what I preach. Running a blog can be time consuming and frankly, we are mad busy – like ALL THE TIME!

However, what we can offer in our blog – I believe – makes it worthwhile. Because there isn’t many people out there speaking up for the Small/Medium Sized businesses on the web. And that’s where we can help.

So, with this blog, I have decided it will be a place where we debunk myths, share ideas and put out the occasional offer. If you like it and get involved, we might just carry it on.


One thing is absolutely for sure here, this blog is written by us, but it’s for you. Your input will help shape how useful this blog is. We have some cool ideas for upcoming blog posts, but if there are any topics you want us to cover in particular, then please leave your suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page. 

What Have We Been Upto?

Well to be honest, we have been honing our “pay-on-results” web marketing services. We’ve trialled it with a few clients and it seems to be getting better results month-on-month for our clients. Let’s not dress this up neither, because what works for our clients, works really well for us too! 

With this re-think, I just thought to myself it was a great time to press Ctrl, Alt & Delete on the whole business and take stock of what we’re doing and the message(s) we want to put out. 

I’ve come to realise over the years that irrespective of how good your marketing is, and how cool your website is, and crisp your branding is, the real catapults to success are summed up in ; 

  1. Quality products. Having real top drawer products that people want because they’re great, not because they’re cheap. 
  2. Offering real value. That again doesn’t mean doing loads for not a lot, it just means offering a real quality service that customers can rely on.

I think sometimes we all forget these basic business principles, particularly in a day and age when there is so much noise out the on the web. 

That’s why I am starting again with the blog really. It’s time to focus on where the real value is on the web for Small and Medium-sized businesses, and let’s start cutting through the incessant crap that’s out there. 

Suggest Away!

So that’s where we’re upto. We want your suggestions for blog topics that you think are hot at the moment and that you would like our take on. 

We do have some pretty cool offers that we can put out there over the coming days, so keep an eye out for those. 

If you go to our main “blog” page you can follow us on Facespace or Tweetbook or LinkaGram if you wish to keep up to date with blog posts we’ll be sharing. 

You can also sign up for our special “newsletter” which we will send out once a month with special offers, ideas, tips and offer juicy tit-bits we won’t be sharing anywhere else. 

Failing that, thanks for reading this, and if you have any questions about anything we do, why we do it, or if you’re really sad – how we do stuff, then drop us a line and we’re always happy to chat. 


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