Digital Marketing Workshops & Training in Stockport.

We provide digital marketing workshops & training Stockport that are tailored to each individual client. Whatever you want help with, we can come to you and provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to make a difference. 

Choose A Topic

There are many digital marketing workshops & training courses we can provide you with. 

We can cover the main areas of digital marketing and design to help your business. If you can tell us your needs, we will create a workshop based around your key development areas. And we can support you afterwards too. 

Web Development

We can provide comprehensive WordPress Website training to help you get more from your website. 

Mobile Marketing

With more than half the visits coming to the web from mobile devices, we show you how to market effectively.

UX Design

The importance of User Experience is becoming more important. We show how you can please your web users. 

Social Media

from increasing reach and engagement to effective networking, we’ll make Social Media work for you.


From Google Adwords to other accreditations, we can help your teams pass with flying colours.

Search Engine Marketing

From the technical aspects of SEO to developing effective Adwords Strategies, we’ll teach you how.


Writing killer blog content, and scripting for Vlogs can help you massively increase your audience.

Web Apps & Gaming

Our App experts will help you get to grips with developing (and marketing) web apps for mobile & social media.

Become an expert

By tapping into our extensive resources and expertise, you can quickly learn the ropes from experts. This will enhance your business opportunities and save you money in the process. 

Learn by Doing

Businesses engaging in digital marketing workshops and training, succeed quicker than those who don’t. 

By us tailoring your worksops and training courses to concentrate on the details you need – and getting hands on in the process – you will see sharp improvements in your results. And your marketing budgets!

Build your portfolio

If you are looking to get into Digital Marketing, or gain invaluable experience, our training courses can help. 

Engage in our training courses and you can quickly build up a portfolio of work. Whether you are a freelancer looking to build experience, or a student wanting to build a portfolio of work, our workshops and courses allow you to get stuck in. 

Achieve your goals

By clearly defining your goals at the start, the value of our courses can be measured by your improvement. 

Because we set our digital marketing workshops and training courses in accordance with your needs, we can structure our costs so they are in part linked to performance – ensuring you get true value for money, and there is minimal risk upfront. 

We have learnt so much and it shows in our figures.

Our clients had often commented about our lack of visibility online. We spoke to evolve having been recommended by a friend, and opted for a course focusing on Search Engine and Social Media Marketing and not only did we realise we have plenty of opportunities out there, but the impact on our bottom line is noticeable and exceeded our expectations.

Jeff Ng, Marketing, CNS. 


Here are some of the common questions we get asked about our Workshops and Training Courses.

Because our Digital Marketing Workshops offer great flexibility – being on your terms to meet your needs, there are plenty of questions we get asked which might help before you get in touch.

Can we pay on results?

When we work out our costings we work on a 75/25 ration, whereby for our time you pay of 75% of the fee. The rest is paid upon meeting agreed targets. 

Where do your courses take place?

We prefer to come to you – simply because it minimises your inconvenience. We can book somewhere away from your business for an added cost.

Is there on-going support?

Of course. If you feel that once you have received your training, that you need us to be on hand to support you, we will. 

Do you offer remote learning?

We can tailor your workshops and training to however you think you will benefit the most – from SKYPE to Webinars, to us sending you test modules. Whatever you want. 

Who takes the courses?

The course subject matter will determine who takes the course. Because we are only dealing with you, our consultants will carry out an initial consultation to ensure whatever the topic – it is geared towards your business. 

How long do the courses last?

This is entirely dependant on what you need. From half day workshops to on-going modular assessments – we’ll tailor it to suit. 

Since we had our new garage management software installed, we were struggling to get to grips with what it could do for us. We spoke to Steve at evolve and he has helped us get the most out of our software and it now saves us so much time AND helps us keep our customers close to us. 

Janet Johnson

HR, Little Belters

Ready to get started?

Get in touch, or book a consultation which is FREE for upto 2 HOURS. 



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