eCommerce Web Design in Stockport

The days of setting up a website, sitting back and watching the money roll in are gone. Our eCommerce Web Design in Stockport pits it’s wits with the very best in the ultra competitive world of online sales.

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Our eCommerce Web Design Services

We use 3 main packages for our eCommerce web design solutions. This often depends on your project, your needs, and of course, your budget.


Magento comes packed with features included in the software that make it an excellent option for larger online stores, or more complex set-ups.


Perhaps the most popular eCommerce option at the moment and part of our WordPress Website services packages. A superbly flexible platform.


Shopify is a relatively new-kid on the block, but it ticks all the right boxes for an affordable eCommerce web design solution that will get results.

eCommerce web design in Stockport

Marketing your eCommerce Website.

As well as eCommerce Web Design in Stockport, we also offer effective marketing services to help you sell your products.

From in-depth Search Engine Optimisation on your eCommerce website, to helping you promote your products on other platforms such as Amazon, Google Products, Etsy, eBay and more.

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How we can help you.

As with all our services, you are paying us for our time – plus costs. This is great for you because you can save a lot of money by having us show you how to manage your own eCommerce website.

If however, time is of the essence, and you need someone to manage the website for you – we can help you too. And of course, if you need a bit of both – guess what. We can help.

We can also help you with issues within a current eCommerce website. Whether you think it should be doing better, or whether you want it checking over, we are happy to help.

FAQ’s About Our eCommerce Web Design Services

How much do you charge?

It depends how much work you want us to do. We have charged as little as £600 and as much as £32000. Whatever your budget, we will be able to help you get full value for the website you need to get results.

Can you add eCommerce into an existing website?

Yes. We would need to look at your website set-up, but it is possible for us to bolt-on an eCommerce facility to your existing website. This is something a consultation would definitely be useful for!

Can we update our own products?

Yes. Infact, we would encourage you to do so. It seems pretty pointless paying us for hours of sitting uploading products. We would much rather concentrate our time on helping you get the most out of how to list your products.

Do you offer “pay on results”?

There have been occasions in the past where we have done this and being honest, we suffered as we lost the clients. The main reason being that when it does work, giving away a decent sized percentage becomes a lot more expensive than paying for the hours of work put in!

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