TSO Hosts Cloud Business Hosting

If you have a WordPress Website that is a bit clunky and runs very, verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy slowly, then switching to TSO Hosts could be the answer. 

They run a wide selecetion of packages and offer a free migration service to move your website over for you. 

You can have more than one website on your hosting package and with options from as little as just over £10 a month for a chunky amount of webspace, it is decent value for money. 

What makes it excellent value for money is their Customer Service – particularly their chat support. 

Nothing is ever too much trouble and there always seems to be someone on-hand to help out. 

And, in addition to that, if you use the Promo Code : HOST10% you will get a further 10% off. 

Click on the banner below to check through the packages available. 


(SIDENOTE : Make sure you ask them about what you would need to do with your emails before you make any move. If they can’t migrate your emails then whilst it’s simple enough to export and import your emails/contacts, you need to know BEFORE you migrate your site!) 


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