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Never has PPC (Pay-per-click) Management Services been so important for businesses of all sizes. For the first time ever – Paid Ads on Search Engines (and social media) are starting to really chip into the traffic figures on Search Engines. Now could be the right time for your business to get a piece of the pie.


We’ve tried Google Ads before and it got nothing.

We hear this a lot. What’s more, we understand that there is a risk that this can happen. 

But the facts are this – 97% of Google’s revenues come from it’s online advertising platform. If it didn’t work, Google would have gone bust YEARS ago. 

We assume you are reading this though because you now recognise that PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns do have something to offer. 

You wouldn’t be wrong neither. Google have recently made changes to Google Ads which means that they are now more prominent at the top of search results.

They have also increased the amount of features and wording you can include in your ads (almost doubling the ads in size). 

Whether you like it or not. Google Ads offer you prime search positioning. 

Deciding if PPC Management Services are for you.

So if you think Google Ads can help your business – the next question is are PPC Management Services going to be worth investing in?

Well, like Google, we can only grow if our services work. We are always happy to offer advice to any business – but in terms of should you spend money with us to manage your campaign? The reality is, until we understand what you need, it’s hard to say. 

So if you are thinking about embarking on a PPC campaign, or are currently running PPC campaigns and not seeing much from it – it might be worth dropping us a line and arranging a chat with us. 

We will work with you to map out your campaign and get to the bottom of what you want it to deliver. In addition to this we can help you create business winning ads – and think a little outside the box in terms of how you can use PPC campaigns to boost your brand and your online profile – as well as bring you business.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider PPC Management Services.

PPC Management Services


Getting a high quality score.

Effective PPC Management Services will ensure you have a high quality score. This is a scoring system Google allocates to ads to ensure the ads it displays are relevant.


Save you time.

Having a trustworthy PPC Management company look after your campaigns means you can concentrate on the things you are best at.


Save you money.

Proactive PPC Managers make sure your ads aren’t churning your spend – whilst good quality campaigns bring cheaper costs per click.


Portfolio of knowledge.

When a company is managing lots of campaigns it can spot trends and methods which work quicker than someone managing just their own campaign.


Simplification of a complex product.

Unless you know what you are doing with Google Ads, you can lose your budget very quickly. Having someone on the end of an email / phone gives you the chance to understand in layman’s terms what is going on.

What Our Customers Say

We have worked with evolve on several projects and their Google Ads campaign has really been a game-changer. We weren’t too sure how we could use Google Ads to our advantage initially, but now – having worked with evolve and their really dynamic solutions – we have a really valuable tool in our marketing armoury. Our Google budget offers us so much value for money it’s quite incredible really – but the positive impact it has had on our brand too has really impressed us.

Phil Cuthbert

Head of Marketing, PJ Livesey

Getting In Touch

Whatever your needs regarding PPC Management Services, we will be delighted to offer our help.

I am Steven (or Ste if you prefer) and I am the Google Ads qualified consultant. You can call me on 07969 333344 or fill out the form on this page.

Try and include as much detail as possible as to what you are looking for so we can put the right person in touch with you.

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