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Many businesses understand the principle of Pay-per-click advertising on search engines like Google – and there is a cost to this. So is using PPC Management Services an extra cost you should look to take on?

Should You Consider PPC Management Services For Your Ads?

Pay-Per-Click marketing is like all marketing – expensive if it doesn’t work. The cost attached to each “click” on your ad means that every click counts. If your ads aren’t bringing sales or enquiries, your budget can go quickly down a big hole – and into Google’s sizable coffers. 

So if you are to get the very most out of your clicks, it makes sense to have the support of people who know how to get the most bang for your buck. With over 10 years experience of Google Ads, our Certified Google Ads consultants can really help you get the best return on your investment.  

Google SEO Services in Stockport, Manchester

How Your Ad Campaigns Can Benefit From Using Our PPC Management. 

Quality Advice - With A PPC Campaign Audit

We can provide you with a comprehensive report showing you how to improve your current campaigns. 

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If you are hands-on with your campaign but would like a bit more guidance, we will run a thorough campaign audit. 

This audit will score your campaign and include detailed analysis and suggestions on how you can improve your campaign.

Issues Resolved - We Offer Technical Assistance

PPC campaigns can be quite confusing. Our consultants will help resolve any issues. 

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Google don’t like to make things easy. If your campaign has something amiss then we can step in and fix any issues for you. 

From picking the best settings in your campaigns, to help with Analytics or your Landing Page Content, we are on-hand to assist. 


Ad Copy That Catches The Eye - Brings The Clicks

Your Ad copy is the hook which will entice searchers to choice you – we can create inviting copy for you. 

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If your ads aren’t getting the clicks then the answers could lie in the copy of your ads. 

Our consultants have experience at creating eye-catching ads and working within the strict ad copy restrictions. 

On-going Support When You Need It - Flexible Hours

Our Consultants are flexible and provide open, honest advice and support, in a very personable way.

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The key to our success is in how we treat each client.

For a start, we are available to talk to at any time – not limited by rigid 9-5 Mon-Fri opening times. 

The main thing our clients like though is our ability to tell things as they are and work with clients as closely as they ant us to. 

We don’t pull any punches, and we certainly don’t expect our clients to either. Our success is dependent on our ability to make this work for you.

Better Targetting - PPC Research & Strategy

We will provide you with the best keywords and the best strategies for meeting your targets. 

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From identifying the best keywords and phrases to target for your campaigns to competitor analysis, our PPC management consultants will sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

As well as time-saving, our experience and expertise will ensure you are implementing tried and tested strategies that will boost your campaigns. 

Get More From Clicks - Landing Page Creation

We can create stunning, effective landing pages to point your ads to – increasing your chances of success.

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Pointing Ads to poorly-built, ineffective landing pages is one of the biggest reasons for churning Ad spend. 

Using our fabulous web design team we can create landing pages that will make the most of the clicks you get. 


Subtle Tweaks To Make Big Differences In Conversions

Having our consultants look into the figures can unearth the things that will make huge improvements.

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Similar to our PPC Campaign Audit except we take a more hands-on approach. 

We will run a review of your PPC campaigns and then identify the key areas where you will be able to make quantifiable improvements. 

Full Kit-and-Caboodle - PPC Management Service

If you need someone to completely set-up and manage your campaigns we can do this for you. 

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Some businesses understand PPC is perfect for their business needs but they haven’t got the time nor inclination to do it themselves. 

If this is you then you would definitely benefit from a FREE 2 hour consultation. We will come and find out all about your business and put together a fair proposal based on your needs. 


Book a FREE 2 Hour Consultation to Discuss Your PPC Management Needs

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