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If you are in the position where you know you should be doing more with Social Media – but you aren’t sure how – then we can help.

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4 Ways Social Media Management Can Help Your Business

More and more businesses are investing in their Social Media presence. Everyone, we think at least, understands how popular Social Media is – but this doesn’t guarantee success. Here are 4 ways Social Media can help your business – with effective management.


1. By listening to what people are saying about the products and services you provide you can identify trends and customer needs – and perhaps most importantly – respond to them.

effective Social Media Management can help you grow your business significantly.

2. More and more people are turning to their peers on Social Media for recommendations – “does anyone know a reliable ….? ” – by having products and services worth talking about you can win recommendations.

3. By displaying efficient customer service you can significantly enhance the reputation of your brand – increasing interest in your products and services as well as helping client retention. 

effective social media marketing

4. Social Media provides a simple way of sharing your website content. Engaging content will stimulate two-way communication as well as increasing web traffic – which also helps with your SEO efforts.

Social Media is a necessary evil for business. Our Management services will help you understand your opportunities – and make it fun.

Effective, Affordable Social Media Management 

If you have dabbled with social media and not really felt any of the benefits you may be dismissing Social Media out of hand. But you really shouldn’t be so hasty.

The fact is we love social media. Since the earliest days of MySpace and Bebo we have understood it has a value for business. 

Low-Risk, High Rewards

That is why when we offer our Social Media Management services we can offer low-cost, low-risk services based on tried and tested techniques that work. 

There is a catch though – and it’s this. We cannot do this without you – so if you hate Social Media, but want more business, you need to accept we will need your help. 

Social Media isn’t just about selling products and services, it is about raising the profile of your brand, engaging with clients (both potential and existing) and giving your business a human side in a way like no other marketing ever has. 

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How We Can Help You

Social Media is about THREE simple things. Catching the eye, offering value and being good at what you do. 

With our Social Media Management services, everything we do is focussed around these three factors.  If you can catch the eye and deliver world class products and customer service, Social Media will be absolutely invaluable to your business. 

Here are the things we can do to help you achieve this;


Help with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube & Pinterest


Social Media Strategy


Account Set-Up


Paid Ads & Relevant Landing Pages


Post Copy & Images


Increase Following


Social Media Reporting


24/7 Support


Social Media Workshops

Sound Good? Book a FREE Consultation.

If you are looking to get more out of your social media accounts then we can help. We offer a FREE Initial Consultation to help get a better understanding of your business and the opportunities available.

Social Media FAQs

How much do you charge?

As web consultants we charge £30 an hour. However, we do have options for “pay-on-results” – depending on the nature of the work involved.

How does that work?

Where the work we carry out will have a direct goal of either generating leads or sales – we will offer the option to be paid per-lead or per-sale.


Am I Tied Into a Contract?

Again it depends on the work – if we run a workshop or just do a simple one-off job then there is no tie-in. 

For our full management services then we may look at an initial period (usually 3-6 months depending on the work involved) and then a month-by-month agreement.



Success Stories

We hardly had any interest in out Social Media accounts before we used evolve. Now we have not only trebled our followers in less than 12 months, but Social Media related sales have increased 600%. We also get lots of positive feedback from our clients about how noticeable we now are on Social Media.

Dave Jenkins

Founder, Work In Style

As well as a new website, SEO and Google Ads, evolve also look after our Social Media efforts. It has to be said that since evolve took over we have seen an increase in enquiries from our Social Media accounts – largely thanks to a higher standard of content and more of a marketing focus behind it.

Simon Morton

Morton's Solicitors

As well as our website and SEO, we have asked evolve to help us with our Social Media – in particular our Facebook. Everytime evolve post on our behalf we get enquiries through. They have given our profile a real boost and alongside their SEO efforts we cannot recommend them highly enough.

Chris Knight

Owner, Yorkshire Loft Solutions

Helping Businesses Manage Their Social Media

Based in Marple near Stockport in Cheshire, although we have clients throughout the UK, we are ideally located to offer our Social Media Management services to small and medium sized businesses in the following areas.



Hazel Grove

Heald Green





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