Analysts and Bespoke Web Solutions in Stockport

The web can help your business in more ways than marketing. We can work with businesses to run a thorough analysis of your business performance and develop bespoke web solutions and web apps to help you improve productivity, communication and customer service.

Examples of Bespoke Web Solutions and App Development

Here are just some of the ways we can help your business implement greater control of productivity, results, and customer service.

Data Collection

We can create user-friendly CRM software that can intergrate easily into your work flow.


We offer a wide selection of documentation solutions to help streamline your processes.

App Solutions

If you have issues within your business, our app development team could plug the gap.

Business Consulting

In league with our networking ethose, we offer business development support.

Data Analysis

By analysing your data set-up we can help it make work harder, and smarter for you.

Online Surveys

Customer surveys are a great way to gauge what your customers are saying. 

Our Web Clinic

Sometimes there are just issues which you cannot get your head around, or maybe need advice, or pointing in the right direction. 

As web analysts, we can offer you our expertise on a consultation basis. If you would have any issues you wish to discuss, we offer a Consulation where the first 2 hours are FREE. 

Get Tips, Advice and Offers


Examples of Just Some of The Solutions We Have Provided. 

As a result of working with lots of different companies over the years, we now understand that the web offers so much more than just websites and web marketing. 

CRM Software

One of the main areas we have been able to help clients is by implementing CRM systems which are tailored to the clients needs. By centralising customer data, multiple departments can save time and streamline their internal processes. 

In addition to this, our CRM software packages to can “plug-in” to a host of other software packages – such as email software, web analytics and social media accounts – to help improve sales and customer retention figures. 


App Development

We have experience in providing a wide range of apps which companies use to improve sales, but also their own internal systems – including staff holiday booking and event diaries.

Web Solutions

Solutions is a broad term, but in this case, if you have any aspects of your business you need help with, we are happy to come out and identify areas which we can resolve. 

Whatever your needs – we would love to here from you. Why not book a consultation? Up to the first 2 hours are FREE of charge. 

Pick Our Brains

Whether you are looking to improve company productivity, logistics, communication between departments or your clients, or looking to streamline your processes, we want to hear from you. 


26 Rose Lane, Marple, Stockport, SK6 6DS

07969 333344

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