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We provide effective, affordable web design in Stockport and South Manchester, for businesses of all sizes and budgets. On this page you can find out more about our web design services and how we love to go the extra mile to give our clients the website they need.

Web Design Consultation


Web Design in Stockport & Manchester
Without The Limits

Anyone these days can put together a decent looking website thanks to modern web building software. 

This has caused a problem though for traditional web designers who have seen their revenue streams plummet. People assume building a website is easy.

The reality is building an effective website is extremely difficult. This is a dilemma for web designers because to do the work needed is expensive. So how do they stay competitive?

It seems the main tactic is keeping prices low. This is why you will see countless web design packages that limit you in some way – usually to a 5 page website or something ridiculous.

We don’t run with hook you in on the cheap. Our philosophy is about providing the website your business needs – then making it affordable. We’re not going to cut corners and deny our clients countless opportunities.


HG Financial Planning - web design in Stockport, South Manchester

What You Can Have With Our Web Design


Domain / Hosting Registration (If Required)


Unlimited Email Accounts*


Unlimited Pages


Unlimited Landing Page Options


Unlimited Features


Unlimited User Access


Unlimited Content Updates


WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Wix, SquareSpace


Copywriting / Graphic Design Services


Membership / Database driven websites


Content Management Software Training


Blogging Facility and Support


Email Marketing / CRM integration


eCommerce functionality


Each Relevant Page Optimised for Search Engines


Mobile / Tablet Friendly


Google Analytics / Analytical Software


Monthly Report


Monthly Meeting (if you wish)


Personalised Web Marketing Workshops


24/7 Support

*Available thru our own hosting options only – if you choose to use your own hosting you will be tied to the email account limits of that provider.

Is This The Sort Of Web Design Service You Would Like?

If you would like an unlimited web design service that helps you get the most you can out of the web, we want to hear from you. 

How Our Web Design Services Offer Our Clients Complete Transparency

One of the other important aspects of our service is the transparency. Here’s how we provide that through our web design services.


1. We offer a FREE Consultation to allow our clients to tell us about their business. We focus on your unique selling points, your niche markets and the things that we know the web will love.

Gain business growth with our affordable web design in Stockport and South Manchester

2. The website that will work for your business might not be what you expected. We will explain to you what we are going to do with your website, why that is and what we believe it will achieve.

3. We make sure our clients are involved throughout the build of the site. Through task management software you can see what we have done and converse with us on each task if you wish.

Affordable web design for desktop, mobile and tablet.

4. Once your website is live, we have a vested interest in making sure it is performing as it should. We are available 24/7 for any support or advice and we will send you a monthly report to show how your website is performing.

Don’t Be Limited By Budget – Get the Website You Need In A Way You Can Afford.

Web Design FAQs

This sounds like it’s going to be expensive – how much do you charge?

There are two things at play here. First of all, there is the website you need, and how much that costs. Then secondly there is the paying for it. 

For our web design services, we charge an hourly rate plus costs and we can then break the balance down into a wide range of options to suit your business needs. 

Do I Have To Use Your Hosting?

No. If you want to sort your own domain name and hosting out then that’s absolutely fine. Infact, we encourage it!

Who “Owns” The Website

You. Once the website is built, it’s yours. We always encourage out clients to register their own domain. 


Do you write the copy and provide the images?

It’s entirely up to you. When we table a proposal we will outline exactly what we need from you.

Do You Charge For Maintenance/Updates?

We offer on-going support packages for your website based on an hourly rate of £30. If you would prefer to maintain your own website we offer a workshop showing you how to do this.

Do You Only Use WordPress?

We use WordPress ourselves because we know exactly how to get results. If however, you wanted a website to be built on Wix, SquareSpace or Magento or Shopify (eCommerce) then we can do that no problem. 


Success Stories

I’ve worked with evolve Web Consultants for 6 years – and from being a quiet home-based cottage industry – my growth has been phenomenal.

I now work out of offices on a business park, with huge numbers of enquiries through my site every day.

I cannot thank the guys at evolve enough for all their support and advice over the years. I’d don’t think I’d have made it without them.

Louise O'Neill

Founder, I Do Designs

We use evolve Web Consultants’ expertise for our website SEO and Google Ads campaigns as well as our branding design.

We have found that their strategies and sometimes left-field thinking has given us phenomenal results and really helped us increase our brand awareness.

evolve Web Consultants are always on-hand for great advice and offer excellent value for money.

Aleysia Brocklehurst

Head of Marketing, PJ Livesey

We gave evolve Web Consultants the brief to look after our re-design our website, look after our Social Media and Google Ads campaigns.

Since taking over we have seen steady growth in our traffic and enquiries as well as seeing marked improvements in our Google Ads and Social Media.

We are delighted with evolve Web Consultants and their commitment to pushing boundaries and improving results.

Simon Morton

Managing Director, Mortons Solicitors

Areas Covered

Based in Marple near Stockport in Cheshire, although we have clients throughout the UK, we are ideally located to offer web design services to small and medium sized businesses in the following areas.



Hazel Grove

Heald Green





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